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Les webinaires de l'ACCP: une autre formule de formation continue en ligne !

Depuis plus d'un an, l'Assocication canadienne de counseling et de psychothérapie (ACCP) initie une pratique de formation continue sous forme de "Webinaires". Tel que le souligne l'Office de la langue française du Québec, il s'agit plus précisédment d'un ... séminaire multimédia et interactif, réunissant des spécialistes, qui est accessible en ligne sur inscription, et que l'on peut suivre, en direct ou en différé, sur le Web, afin de parfaire ses connaissances sur des sujets d'actualité, notamment dans le domaine des TI Les webinaires de l'ACCP proposent aussi bien des informations générales que des démonstrations techniques. Certaines présentations peuvent porter sur une technologie ou une solution documentaire. Les séminaires en ligne durent habituellement 45 minutes et incluent une session interactive (question-réponse) de 15 minutes.

The Ethics of Advocacy, partie 1 & 2
Présentatrice: Roberta Neault
Langue: Anglais
Date: Partie 1 : Le mardi 1er février 2011
Partie 2 : Le mardi 8 février 2011
Heure: 12h-13h HNE
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 45$ membres de l'ACCP | 55$ non membres *Taxes en sus
# d'UÉP: 1

Description du webinaire: Increasingly, counsellors are being called to an advocacy role for their clients and communities. However, despite their interest in social justice, some counsellors struggle to balance their commitment to client confidentiality with the need to ensure stories of injustice are heard and remedied. Join Dr. Roberta Neault to examine the ethics of advocacy, using case examples, ethical decision-making models, and various ethical codes. Leave this webinar with advocacy tips and ethical strategies, inspired and equipped to advocate effectively. Instead of feeling powerless to address some of the injustices your clients bring to you, learn to challenge your outrage to champion change!

Présentatrice: Roberta Neault. Roberta Neault is an award-winning career counsellor, published author, and international speaker, currently serving as editor of the Journal of Employment counselling and on the executive of CCPA's Career Development Chapter. Her research / career interests include individual / organizational sustainability (work-life balance), international / global careers, assessment, and e-learning.

Empowering a Client`s need to Deepen their Relationship to the Divine

Presentatrice: Sue Smiley
Langue: Anglais
Date: Partie 1 : Le mercredi 16 février 2011
Partie 2 : Le mercredi 23 février 2011
Heure: 12h-13h HNE
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 45$ membres de l'ACCP | 55$ non membres *Taxes en sus
# d'UÉP: 1Description du Webinaire

Since Kubler-Ross's seminal work, closure has been held up as the ultimate goal for successful grief resolution. In this interactive webinar, we will explore why linear concepts like closure and acceptance do not serve the client engaged in healthy grief work. In fact, they may be barriers to successful grief resolution. We'll explore who is served by these concepts and how 'transformation' is a more apt term to describe the movement of grief in a society that may value outcome over process. Counselling strategies (including meaning- making approaches) will be presented as an alternative to closure. In addition, the transformative nature of grief will be examined.

Présentatrice: Sue Smiley. Sue has a Master's degree in Counselling specializing in loss and grief. She is a sought after consultant and shares her knowledge, compassion and sense of humour in local and provincial settings. She is a frequent contributor to CBC radio, speaking nationally on a variety of grief related topics.


The Myth of Closure, part 1 & 2

Presentatrice : Sandi Duffield-King
Langue: Anglais
Date: Le jeudi 10 février 2011
Heure: 12h-13h HNE
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 45$ membres de l'ACCP | 55$ non membres *Taxes en sus
# d'UÉP: 1

Description du Webinaire: There is a growing awareness of clients needs to infuse their counselling sessions with spirituality. This webinar will introduce the concept of deepening one's relationship to the Divine from an Interfaith perspective. We will explore how some modern counselling techniques draw on the world's major religions' spiritual practices. We will see how simply some of these practices can be used therapeutically to enhance the client's need to view and solve their issues through the eyes of their Divinity. Such modern techniques as deep breathing for anxiety, affirmations for positive focus, colour therapy, the use of crystals, an understanding of the chakras and vibration as healing tools - all have their roots in spiritual practices. An understanding of how deeply these spiritual practices can affect their clients can have profound therapeutic effects, regardless of the therapists beliefs.

Présentatrice: Sandi Duffield-King. Rev. Sandi King, a retired school counsellor, is in private practice. She co-leads an Interfaith Centre and is the Registrar for the intuitive Times Institute. Her passion is assisting clients to deepen their personal connection to the Divine: a road to spiritual and emotional wellness

Courageous Parenting!
Presenter: Herky Cutler
Language:  English
Date:  Monday, February 28th, 2011
Time:  12:00 pm -1:00 pm EST
Location:   Online
Cost:   $45 CCPA members | $55 non members *Plus applicable taxes
# of CEUs:   1

Description du webinaire : Parenting is one of the most difficult and demanding jobs of our time, and virtually the only "profession" that does not require the practitioner to have any formal training. "Courageous Parenting" is just that...Parents who have the courage to admit they don't have all the tools they need to do a great job with their kids. In this session, participants will be exposed to a parenting model for adolescents using The Circle Of Courage. Herky has adapted The Circle for this purpose and has written a manual on parenting teens. Whether you are familiar with The Circle of Courage or not, come and find out how to help your clients apply the components of Independence, Mastery, Belonging and Generosity into family life.

Présentateur : Herky Cutler. Herky has a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Arts and is a Certified Career Development Practitioner. He works as a professional speaker, workshop facilitator and organizational & educational consultant. His private practice, Foothills Youth & Family Services, is located in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Herky also has a passion for music, which has led him to perform in various venues, including coffeehouses and at folk festivals.

Pour de plus amples informations sur les webinaires de l'ACCP contactez Karina Albert au 877-765-5565 ext 102 ou

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